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Change your mind: Part two: One last song series: Part two by [Daniels, Sugar]

All is fair in love and war. And the battle is on. While some fight for love, others money, and one person simply fighting to free herself from a horrible life she has been trying to leave behind for years. In this book is where all the action takes place, between bullets flying, betrayal and bloodshed. Can love defy all odds? Can Richard manage to save the girl? Can they still pull of the biggest heist of their lives? Or does Aniyah end up not only finding but saving herself?

Change Your Mind: Part two (One last song series) by Sugar Daniels now available!


Jack Haynes rings his wife’s missing phone, but when he remembers seeing it downstairs earlier in the kitchen, he goes to hang up, only for it to be answered by strangers who’ve broken into the house.The strangers are looking for something specific, something which involves his daughter, Lucy, who’s witnessed a murder the night before in the woods.But will they find something else – will they find Jack’s biggest secret?Jack finds a small, old leather box in a cupboard in the corner of Lucy’s bedroom, containing something inside.When he finally opens it, he uncovers secrets worse than he can ever begin to imagine.Secrets that will rip his life apart.

Get your copy of Someone’s There in paperback or eBook today!

Her Dirty Secret (The Safeguarded Heart Series Book 4) by [Smith, Melanie A.]
Book 4 of The Safeguarded Heart Series, Melanie A. Smith’s Her Dirty Secret is part of a steamy, contemporary romance series available now!

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Captured is the story of Logan, a former Marine, who is given a job by his close friend John (and former brother in arms) as a high-end bodyguard with Orion Protection Service (OPS). When John’s secret attempt to rescue a group of girls abducted by a Mexican cartel is uncovered, he sends Logan to keep the cartel from abducting his sister Cadie in retaliation. Logan’s normally stoic disposition is rattled by his intense feelings for Cadie as he struggles to keep her safe and not break the trust of her brother. Cadie has always distanced herself from her brother’s business, but when Logan takes her to the Tavern, a place where the men of OPS are treated like military royalty, she finds acceptance amongst her new family. Now she’s torn between going back to her old life and being with Logan, a man unlike any man she’s ever known, all while being hunted by a gang her brother has enraged. Cadie finds herself between action-packed and romantic scenes that get the heart racing throughout the story.

Salvation's Path (The Society of the Leaf Chronicles Book 1) by [HARVEY, KYLE]

Here begins The Society of the Leaf Chronicles, Salvation’s Path (Book One)

The Cube is gone. The very essence of the Green God in the world has disappeared setting off a desperate search by good and evil to discover it.

Young Cedric is thrust against his will into a race for the preservation of a grim world, struggling with loss, love, and the yearning to fulfill a dying wish. Cedric meets both good in the form of his best friend, a strong-willed noble girl seeking a way out, and a guide who gets more than he bargained for along with evil on his journey as he tries to puzzle out the whereabouts of the Cube and his own identity.

Powerless and unworldly, Cedric must make up for the many failures of character and strength by those tasked with defending the world.

Salvation’s Path is now available! Order your copy today!



Gill D. Anderson – author of Hidden from View.
Explore how sex, lies and love impact our complex web of relationships, and discover how deeply our choices can impact others!


Claire Buss – multi-genre author (including dystopian and science fiction) of novels, short stories, and poetry. Check out her works HERE!


Sugar Daniels – author of the One Last Song series
A modern day Romeo and Juliet with a new age twist on gangster paradise and what really happens inside the music industry.


Destiny Eve – author of Her Heart in Chains and Harley Unhinged.
Author of romantic thriller novels and horror flash fictions!


Lyndsey Gallagher – author of The Seven Year Itch
Lucy O’Connor goes on a hen weekend and meets the man of her dreams…. The only teeny tiny problem is she’s already married to somebody else. A work of romantic fiction.

Eileen Gonzalez – author of Dancing with the Devil and Life According to Me.
An author for all of those dealing with chaos and seeking answers.

C.J. Grayson – author of Someone’s There
When Jack Haynes rings his wife’s misplaced phone, he remembers seeing it earlier downstairs on the kitchen table. Before he hangs up, a man’s voice answers. He feels the slow icy fingers crawl up his spine when he realises that his family are not the only people in their house anymore – Someone’s There.


Kyle Harvey – author of the series, The Society of the Leaf Chronicles

George A.M. Heroux – author of I’m the President by Donald Thump and But for the Crash
An author and playwright who spans multiple genres including drama and farcical comedy.


Skylar Kinglsey – author of Captured
If you love reading steamy military romances, you’ll be drooling all over this action packed story!


K. N. Messier – author of Top County: Case Closed
Enter a fast-paced embroilment of drama, lies, deceit, horrific crime, murder, and the possibility of love!


Michelle E. Northwood – author of Fishnets in the Far East
A young dancer’s naive dream of working in the Far East turns into a nightmare!


Shina Reynolds – YA Fantasy author! Debut novel coming soon!

Jeanette Rose – author of the Fated Loves series!
Paranormal romance author!

Russell – author of the Gavin Nolan’s Biography series.
Author of macabre tales and sexual thrillers that will leave you breathless!


Melanie A. Smith – author of The Safeguarded Heart series
The Safeguarded Heart is a steamy contemporary romantic suspense series. Her Dirty Secret is now available!

Gene Stiles – author of the Colony book series
The Colony series is a blend of hard sciences, world mythologies, and religions, as well as lost civilizations.

Devilline Stone – Fantasy/ horror fiction writer and poet. Check out her website for some of her amazing pieces!

Dzintra Sullivan – author of the Halfway House and Days of Death series.
Multi-genre author who loves all things paranormal, the impossible being made possible, romantic happily ever afters, comedies, and mysteries.


Yetta Yvette – author of Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number
Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number encounters, happiness, sadness, and the truth of infidelity. A one of a kind love story, told like never before!

Eric Woods resides in Springfield, Illinois and has been writing since grade school. The author of 10 full length stage plays, his first novel PUMMELED was published in June of 2018. He is in the process of finishing his second novel, the horror story DRAGON’S BLOOD which is scheduled for release in October 2019. Eric has been a local freelance writer since 2005, writing for such outlets as Springfield Business Journal Illinois and SO Magazine. He serves as a tour guide for the Lincoln Ghost Walk in Springfield and was a collegiate speech and debate coach for seven years. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of Illinois Springfield.

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