The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires – Grady Hendrix

Listening to people discuss a book club doesn’t sound like the most entertaining thing in the world, but Hendrix keeps it fun and interesting, so that when the vampire finally arrives, the reader is ready for some biting action (not to spoil anything, but this particular vampire does not focus on the neck). There was a scene, however, that even reading in a book creeped me out (FYI – I hate rats!). The build up was somewhat cruel, and I hated the “good ‘ol southern boys’ club” but the conclusion was phenomenal, and this unique take on vampires was a welcome change from the same-ol-same-ol we often get when we get a new vampire book/movie.

Paranoid – Lisa Jackson

My first read of a Lisa Jackson book will not be my last. Paranoid is a mesmerizing thriller with chilling moments from the first page all the way until the end. Questions abound from the start as to who is responsible for all the death and madness happening around the main character, Rachel. After the tragic death of her brother twenty years earlier, Rachel is met with mysterious texts and vandalism to her home, and she can’t help but think she is being followed. So many cool twists and thrilling moments led perfectly to a brilliant conclusion. 

Cursed Legacy – H. Everend

If Evil Dead were a dark fantasy, you would get Cursed Legacy. This novel is exactly what the title suggests – a legacy of cursed families who over centuries have been haunted by demon spirits. This book begins strong with some serious scares right off the bat. There were moments when I was confused at who certain characters were and their connection to others, as many were introduced in a short amount of time. So it was hard to keep track of some of the connections. I do love that one of the evil antagonists is simply named Him. The action is seemingly nonstop as each chapter is in itself a new story. Looking forward to more terrifying stories from H. Everend.

Haunted Souls – Samuel Hallum

This book was a surprisingly quick read for me, and it kept my interest from start to finish (not all indie books do that, to be honest). I didn’t connect with too many of the characters, but I loved January and how she is driven to return to face her demons after the death of her aunt.

I enjoyed the back and forth between centuries as we learn the history of Stone Acres. Although the Soul Reaper was a bit over the top at times, and his dialogue somewhat overdramatic, he was a brutal antagonist without a conscience, which is usually the best kind in a horror story.