Have you previously purchased a copy of one of my published books? Want a chance to win a FREE copy of my upcoming novel, Welcome to Oblivion?


1. Grab your copy of my novel and take a selfie (paperback or e-book)
2. Post the selfie to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter (ONE entry per social media platform posted)
3. Do you have more than one of my books? Post a separate selfie with a different book! (up to SIX more entries)
4. Be sure to TAG the author in EACH post:
5. Don’t have a copy yet? BUY yours (link below) and follow the above instructions!
So, you have a chance at up to NINE entries into this contest (three books, three social media platforms), which will continue through September 30th.
Fan giveaway 040120

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Eric Woods resides in Springfield, Illinois and has been writing since grade school. The author of 10 full length stage plays, his first novel PUMMELED was published in June of 2018. He is in the process of finishing his second novel, the horror story DRAGON’S BLOOD which is scheduled for release in October 2019. Eric has been a local freelance writer since 2005, writing for such outlets as Springfield Business Journal Illinois and SO Magazine. He serves as a tour guide for the Lincoln Ghost Walk in Springfield and was a collegiate speech and debate coach for seven years. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of Illinois Springfield.

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