UPDATES: The 10-Book Plan, Surviving the Virus, Dogs are Awesome, etc.

So … anything new going on in your lives? Same ol’ same ol’ or has your entire world become something you might see or read in the genre of horror? Since I have more time on my hands as of late, I thought I would put together one of those BLOG things I keep hearing about. You young’uns and your wacky ideas!


So I just realized that it’s been exactly one year since I initially unveiled my plan to write 10 novels that will all find themselves interconnected. As of this writing, I can announce that this plan is still on track, and I even have a better vision of how to get to the finish line, even if it may take another decade (although I don’t think it will be that long before the final chapter is written).

Both PUMMELED and Dragon’s Blood are published and available to purchase in paperback or eBook. (Playing with the Macabre is also available if you enjoy stage plays.) But the big news today is that I finally finished my self edits for novel #3 and have just recruited and sent off copies to my beta readers for review! My plan is to give them two months to read over and get back to me with their thoughts. That will be followed by another two months with my editor (although I know she’ll have it back before that), and then that gives me plenty of time to look over all changes that need to be made, fix the problems, and formulate the novel into something I’m ready to publish. As it stands right now, the novel WILL be ready for publication before Halloween! So with all of that said … (drumroll, please)


Book Cover v1

I have had this cover designed for months now. I think it really captures the theme of this novel. I also have rough cover drafts for five other future books, so I guess I better get to writing them. Honestly, I am glad to be back to actually writing again. Editing is a necessary evil, but I prefer the initial creating of the story.

After publication of Welcome to Oblivion, I will be turning back to what I think will be my most unique attempt yet (no spoilers, sorry). I’m already close to 16,000 words and think it will probably be on the shorter side when complete (40-50,000 words). The sequels to PUMMELED and Dragon’s Blood will follow that one, and the last four (of this collection anyway) have been tentatively mapped out with basic plots noted as well as how each will connect to the other books. So, that is where I’m at on the writing front.


So, I wonder if Stephen King has a new novel in process with this title. I’d put money that someone will be using it and publishing something in the next year or so. I don’t currently have anything in the works, as the whole zombie apocalypse/deadly end-of-the-world virus storylines have been done to death.

As of last Monday the 16th, I am working from home. There is not a lot to do, given that so much has been suspended/postponed, which affects my day-to-day job duties. So basically, I’ve been monitoring emails, answering questions as they come up, and just checking in so that my bosses know I’m still here. I do love not having to get up early anymore. I can sign on pretty much whenever I want, and work whenever I feel like it (was actually getting things done at night a couple times).

I am discovering that my stocks of coffee and alcohol will likely run out at the same time. This could be a dangerous trip to the store if the hoarders have branched out.

Binge watching has included The Office, MCU movies, and I now just started The Simpsons from season 1. We also checked out the first episode of that Tiger King documentary on Netflix. Watch this, and you will feel better about your own family.


Image may contain: dogMy pups are helping me get through this whole quarantine, social distancing, stay at No photo description available.home thing we have going on right now. I have hired both as interns as I work from home. I am able to pay them in snuggles, treats, and long nap breaks. They seem to be taking to it nicely so far. I’m not sure they are used to the number of walks they have been on over the last couple weeks, but I can tell they love it, especially the big guy on the left. My concern is that when we go back to work, they will become a little depressed after getting used to my wife and I being home full-time.


I have updated the #WritingCommunity link with some new authors. So, if you are supportive of us starving indie authors, be sure to check out and support those of us who love what we do and just want people to enjoy our creations. Also, if you would like to be included in the directory (and/or have a new novel just released), please shoot me your information!

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